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Awaken, Understand, Heal,
Help Others
 Two 35 min Energy, Psychic, and Healing sessions  
with in5d's "Healer's Healer,"
Maximillian (www.locgroup.net)

To The Changing Times.

 Enjoy 50% Savings Today!

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Enjoy over 50% savings on 2 Energy Sessions CUSTOMIZED just for you. Connect by phone or Skype with in5d's acclaimed Medical Intuitive, Energy Healer, and Psychic Coach. Both 35 minute experiences are guaranteed to help you raise your own frequencies, better understand your soul path, and further unleash your own power and purpose in our changing world. Whether you feel limited or unfulfilled by health, relationship, career, and/or global dynamics, Maximillian is committed to helping you through these transformative times.

Please use sessions by March 1, 2016
Thank You! Website: www.locgroup.net 
WAS $350   THIS SPECIAL $169.00     
All sessions are guaranteed to be amazing, profound, validating, and helpful experiences for you.
"I'm not over-estimating when I say that Max and Lana have had a life-changing impact on my existence.Prior to meeting Max and Lana I was lost. Couldn't understand why I'd be feeling down one moment, over the moon the next, then down again. My business was crumbling, and so was the rest of my life. It's been about three months since I started working with Max and Lana. I now know why I had the health issues I was having. I know why I was feeling down. I know why my business was suffering. Right now I feel so much more connected to this life.You two have had a positive impact on my life, for which I am deeply grateful!" 
Bal K., Financial Advisor