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LOC Services/What Can Max And LOC Do For YOU?
New Client Sessions With Max By Phone Or Skype
In just one 35 minute session, Max will scan your body, energy flow, blood flow, frequencies, and processes of thought. He will then offer insight, predictions, and customized healing for you by using his remarkable frequencies, intuition, and energy to awaken and intensify your own. Most clients experience at least a 40-70% improvement in their clarity, health, and abilities following one session.  SPECIAL119.00 (Save 30%) 

Awaken To Your Talents Package Offer 
3 sessions, approximately 30 minutes each, customized to help unlock your innate talents and gifts; clear any blocks, obstacles, or inhibiting patterns; and raise your own frequencies --so that your mind, body, and spirit will "detox" and awaken to your best destiny, 
as soon as possible. 
Total Package: 289.00 (35% off regular pricing: A separate New Client Session is not necessary.)

How To Be Disease-Free Package Offer
4 sessions, approximately 30 minutes each, customized to your particular body, illnesses, and environment. Max will use his frequencies to determine the locations and types of disease in your system; help shrink, reduce, and remove tumors, cancer cells, and other sources of inflammation; and determine what supplements, nutrition, or other approaches your specific body would need to remain disease-free. 
Total Package:  379.00 (37% off regular pricing: A separate New Client Session is not necessary.)

Any Desired Follow-Up Sessions With Max 
 30 minutes: 99.99 (33% off regular pricing)
LOC Group services are not meant to be substitutes for medical assessments and treatments, but may be used in conjunction with those offered by medical healthcare practitioners. This website and services are for informational and entertainment purposes only, but may be used as tools by medical healthcare teams. 
"I don't know how Max knew what he knew, but after just two sessions I've gone from hardly surviving Stage IV cancer to totally thriving. My doctors, family, and friends are amazed. Francine, 32

I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. After just one session with Max and LOC, my passion and purpose are back. My body feels better, and my work and home life are so much better too. Everyone deserves the chance to feel good again!  Bob, 56

I decided to call LOC because I wanted to improve my business. I needed to increase my income. Business is now booming, but more importantly, my whole life is more healthy, happy, and clear. Laura, 25
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