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​ More Packages Now Available 

Understanding the Twin Flame Experience​
One to two sessions include: determining through frequency  if a particular relationship is a true twin flame or a deep soul connection mimicking one; the timelines for that and/or other relationships; energy work for one or both partners; and tools to help navigate your specific path and destiny.

Get Unstuck; Look and Feel Your Best!
One to three sessions include: body scans, nutritional assessments, allergy assessments, nutritional planning, and energy work to boost the metabolism and re-balance the body's organs, hormones, and glands. Weight management and energy optimization have never been so customized and effective.

Back to Balance: Customized Candida and Detox Protocols
One to three sessions include: body scans, nutritional assessments, allergy assessments, two phases of nutritional planning, and energy work to help the system re-balance and heal. Learn how to make the positive results sustainable, and optimize your well-being-- both physically and energetically.

For more details, please CONTACT US (info@locgroup.net)