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About LOC Group 

Since he was two years old, Patrick Maximillian, LOC's Founder and Lead Practitioner, has baffled those around him by his innate understanding of the human body and spirit; his insight regarding how humans make decisions; and an uncanny ability to heal himself, as well as help others around him heal too.

In his mid teens, Max was closely studied by a medical team led by Dr. Walker at the Air Force's Lovelace Hospital in New Mexico. Dr. Walker confirmed Max's unusual psychic and clairvoyant abilities, but still could not explain the dramatic healings that he saw Max experience in his own body and apparently induce in others as well.

In an effort to blend with his family, friends, and community, Max spent the majority of his late teens and younger adult life trying to ignore his special gifts. He led successful companies in the technology and hospitality industries-- building computers, owning hotels, and being a consultant for other hotel and restaurant owners. However, Max found that his most impressive and significant feats resulted when he integrated his seasoned business skills and career experiences with his latent intuitive and metaphysical gifts.

In addition to healing his own incurable diseases diagnosed and documented by medical doctors all over the United States, Max has helped others do the same by addressing their physical dis-ease energetically, as well as exploring the biopsychosocial factors in their work and family environments that may have caused and/or fueled the illnesses that manifest. 

This holistic approach has proven to help those around him experience miraculous recoveries, the prevention of recurrence--as well as heightened clarity, consciousness, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual empowerment.

By using his unique frequencies to help diagnose and heal the body's current, impaired or uncomfortable state-- and offering his own and other experts' real strategies to change the conditions that caused it--Max and LOC Group offer help, hope, and resources that no one else can.